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Mischief and Mayhem #1: Born To Be Bad

Category: Middle-Grade
Publisher: Katherine Tegen (HarperCollins)

Mischief and Mayhem are your respectably heinous villains. They’ll spoil new movies, steal cake from parties they weren’t invited to, and hit the good citizens where it’ll dirty them most—their toilet paper. But before Mischief and Mayhem were ever supervillains, they were just Missy and Gizmo, fresh recruits at Superhero boot camp. Except Missy lied on her hero application and has exactly zero superpowers, just her brainpower. Humiliated when caught and kicked out, she has only one fellow camp recruit who is willing to stand by her—Melvira. Unbeknownst to others, Melvira has her own villainous agenda, and it involves helping Missy cross the line into villainy as her new alter ego, Mischief. But something about Melvira doesn’t sit right with Missy, and soon she’ll be called upon to battle her former best friend. Will Missy be able to face the friend who was once her defender? Does Gizmo actually have nine lives? Will the town ever have TP again? In Ken Lamug’s deliciously hilarious graphic novel, the stakes are high and the battles epic, as the line between hero and villain gets flushed down the toilet.

Petro and The Flea King

Category: All-Ages Graphic Novel, Fantasy Folktale
Publisher: Rabblebox (2018)

From an award-winning children’s book author and illustrator comes a wordless graphic novel full of whimsy, tradition, and fun for all ages. Petro the lazy boy, goes on an out-of-this-world adventure as he tries to save a small town from the torments of the Flea King and his minions.

Random Quest

All-Ages Comics / Graphic Novel (November 2016)
Publisher: Rabblebox

A rag-tag group of friends operating a delivery company try to get the job done while staying out of trouble  that seems to follow them wherever they go!

Something Strange Happened

All-Ages Anthology Comics (October 2016)


A collection of mini-comics in which each artist tells a story about their personal encounter with the paranormal. 

Something Strange Happened

All-Ages Anthology Comics (November 2016)
Plot Twist Publishing

HAVE YOU EVER BEEN LURED BY BEAUTY? A painting hangs on a wall in a gallery. A beautiful woman with hair spun of gold… No matter her form, for those that look hard enough she is exactly what they need in that painful or joyous moment. Art can change people, and sometimes people can change the course of their lives. And if lucky, the world too.

The Tall Tales of Talbot Toluca, Series

Category: All-Ages Graphic Novel, Puzzle Book

When evil scientist Dr. Kadoom returns from another dimension and zaps Professor Bozwald, the only person who can stop him, it’s up to a couple of kids and their robotic friend to save the world. The Tall Tales of Talbot Toluca is not your typical book. It combines the high-impact visuals of graphic books while engaging the reader with hidden-object games, mazes and puzzles. Join Talbot and Damien in an out-of-this-world adventure that’s sure to test your wits. Help them bring back Professor Bozwald and stop Dr. Kadoom from taking over the world. More information…

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Monstrous Comics Series

Steampunk Comic Series
Published by  
Source Point Press


Dr. Frankenstein creates an army of robotic police to help stop the monsters that have been spawning throughout the world.

The quiet villages of Frankenstein’s Bavaria are about to get a whole lot louder.

The setting for this world is the 1800’s, a while after Dr. Frankenstein created his famous monster. Since then, the doctor has been tracking his creation with the intention of destroying the beast. But he never stopped creating. He has built up an army of loyal, reliable robots, and he’s teamed them up with him monster-hunting law enforcement officers, dubbed the Franken Squad. The robots prove much easier to control than monsters.

The good doctor’s creature has been busy with creations of his own, though. The monster, using Dr. Frankenstein’s secrets, has been able to create his own series of meta-monsters, most of whom are opposed to law and order, if not civilization itself. These monsters are criminals, but they are refugees also.

This world is not one of stark moral contrasts. Some of the monster hunters are corrupt and ruthless, and some of the monsters are caring and compassionate. The struggle between these factions is always ongoing in a series of skirmishes. Basically

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Tales from Lost Vegas

Steampunk Comic Series
Published by Pop Goes The Icon!


Tales from Lost Vegas is an original, 52-page, full-color comic book that tells the story of three middle school friends who discover a lost complex hidden beneath the streets of Las Vegas, where they encounter robotic ants, cybernetic mob enforcers and the floating head of Howard Hughes. It’s a fun, all-ages adventure-comedy packed with witty banter, bizarre characters and genuine drama. Proceeds from the sale of this comic benefit the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation’s support of the Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest.