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Petro and The Lost Dog

Category: All-Ages Graphic Novel, Fantasy Folktale
Publisher: Rabblebox

By Ken Lamug

Embark on a captivating journey in “Petro and The Lost Dog,” a graphic novel that weaves a tale of courage, friendship, and Filipino folklore. When Petro, a spirited boy, rescues a stray dog from drowning, little does he know that his newfound friend will vanish mysteriously. Driven by unwavering determination, Petro sets out on a whimsical and exciting adventure to save his loyal companion from the clutches of Buwaya, a mythical creature from Philippine stories. As Petro navigates through enchanting landscapes and encounters vibrant characters rooted in Filipino culture, readers of all ages will be entranced by the spellbinding illustrations that bring this heartwarming and culturally rich tale to life. “Petro and The Lost Dog” celebrates resilience, highlighting the power of connection and the timeless magic found in the pages of wordless storytelling.

Petro and The Lost Dog is a sequel to Petro and The Flea King, which was selected to represent Nevada at the 2020 National Book Festival.

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In Recognition of Petro and the Flea King (First Book)

“Lamug’s black-and-white artwork is accessible, expressive, and full of wit, and the visual storytelling promises new discoveries to be made upon subsequent readings.”

– Publishers Weekly

Creative and Imaginative

– Reader’s Favorite

“Lamug pulls it off brilliantly”

– Manhattan Book Review


Petro and the Flea King seems like a simple story at first, but when you give this children’s book your full attention, you realize how ambitious the narrative truly is. Petro and the Flea King is a fable with classic roots and modern touches that will feel timeless whenever it’s pulled off the shelf.

– City Book Review


It is a unique reading experience because every time you look at the pictures, you’re probably going to notice some other new twist that you didn’t see earlier. Before I read this book, I knew nothing about the Philippines and its folklore, so it also is a terrific way for anyone to learn something new!

– Lit Pick


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