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Congratulations to past winners:

Jan C. – Tunnell Hill, GA
Teresa  W. – Shenandoah, IA
Janice P.  – Fayetteville, GA
Yunet C. – Miami, FL
Aimey C. – Altanta, GA

Jasmine S. – Wheaton, IL
Kimberly B. – Tulsa, OK
Maggie C. – Toronoto, Ontario CA
Brittney P. – Lehi, UT
Kathleen S. – Sunbury, PA

Ilona M. – Denver, CO
Matthew S. – Lacey, WA
Burkley M. – Evansville, IN
Blaire J. – Cape Coral, FL
Jack R. – Minooka, IL

Nevada’s Featured Title at the 2020 National Book Festival:

Petro and the Flea King

Every year at the National Book Festival, the Library of Congress’ Center for the Book features a book from each of its affiliate Centers for the Book, representing their local literary heritage either from a state or territory of the United States. These books may represent and celebrate local culture and heritage. This year’s National Book Festival will be held during the weekend of September 25-27, and this year’s theme is celebrating American ingenuity. The event will be held entirely online this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Nevada Center for the Book is proud to feature Kenneth Kit Lamug and his graphic novel, Petro and the Flea King, as our selection for the 2020 Library of Congress National Book Festival. 

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Some of the books include: