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The Whole Hole Story

Category: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher: Versify

By Vivian McInerny, Illustrated by Ken Lamug

Zia is used to the hole in her pocket—she frequently fills it with frogs and other objects. And as it gets bigger and bigger, she starts to wonder what might happen . . . if she fell right through. Would she cover it with a blanket to catch an elephant, or dig a tunnel to the other side of the world? The possibilities are endless, and readers will love following Zia’s adventurous imagination from beginning to end.

With hilarious wordplay paired with Ken Lamug’s bright and colorful illustrations, The Whole Hole Story will appeal to kids’ divine sense of silliness. Perfect for fans of Du Iz Tak?, and They All Saw a Cat.

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Connect with the Author and Illustrator

One of the first steps to being able to write creatively is to read imaginative stories, like The Whole Hole Story. Ken Lamug, the illustrator, talks about being at the library and how walking through the stacks of books was like “unravelling the secrets of the universe.” He says it felt like “each book had a story to tell you that no one else knew.” That’s how our kids are! Each one has a story in their head that no one else can tell. We hope you use this book as a way to encourage them to let that story out!

Check out the virtual launch party to hear more about The Whole Hole Story from the author and illustrator themselves!