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Ghastly Ghosts

Category: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher: Albert Whitman

By Teresa Bateman, Illustrated by Ken Lamug

Old Dave inherits a lonely old house from his uncle—a nice enough place, if a bit lonely. One cold night he hears a voice: Ghastly ghosts in the old coal shed! At first he tries to ignore it, but he hears it again and again—Ghastly ghosts in the old coal shed! And when the fireplace runs out of coal, Dave has no choice but to brave the dreaded coal shed…and whatever dwells within. But Old Dave’s got an idea that just might work out for him AND the spirits.

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This is a great rhyming read-aloud, especially if the reader’s voice embraces the drama…A delicious scare for audiences ready for chills.

– Kirkus Reviews

Recommended for anyone who wants an eerie tale with a cheery ending.

– School Library Journal

This gentle ghost story, with a white-bearded protagonist who could easily stand in for Santa, is a good choice for young readers looking for light suspense but no real frights.

– Booklist


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