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Welcome to the website of Ken Lamug!

Author, Illustrator & Professional Dabbler!

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#WeDidIt - The Petro book sequel is funded!

Get your own copy of Petro's 2nd book!

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You can get Ken’s books at online stores, real life bookstores, and of course, your local library. Make sure to drop a good review and it will make Ken happy.

Meet Ken

Ken Lamug is an award-winning author and illustrator of books and graphic novels. He was born in the Philippines and moved to the US with his entire family during his teenage years.  In his past life, he was a beekeeper, race car driver, filmmaker, and chicken herder. He currently lives in Las Vegas where he spends time with his family and two dogs.

About KenFrequently Asked Questions

Learn how to draw Petro

Get your doodle-on by learning how to draw Petro

Book design & publishing

Watch this 3-part series on how I designed my characters & books

Ghastly Ghosts trailer

Ready for something spooky?

Ken’s love of books

Ken can't get enough of books

Free: Talbot Toluca Graphic Novel

Join Talbot as he goes on an inter-dimensional adventure to save Professor Boz! Play the hidden-object games and find the bad guys.

Free: Spooky Comic

This short comic is based on true events. So if you think you can handle getting scared, we dare you to read this.

Free: 2-in-1 Comic

Join Talbot on another adventure as he meets space aliens and discover the secrets of the Golden Turtle in this heart-pumping adventure.

Petro Book 2 Drawing Demo

Watch Ken ink a full spread from the Petro graphic novel sequel

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