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The proof copy of Petro and The Lost Dog finally arrived (it took almost two weeks). It’s always exciting to get a printed copy of something I’ve been looking at on the computer screen for months, and I’m still a little in disbelief that it’s finally here. A second set of prints (including hardcover) is arriving from a different printer, and I hope that turns out well because that might be where I’m ordering the books from.

The cover looks excellent (ignore that “Not for Resale” message); the layout of the images and text also looks pretty good inside. This book is much thicker than the original Petro, and they will look cool side-by-side.

If the second set of proofs arrives and is approved by the end of November, I will order 75 copies of The Lost Dog and 50 copies of The Flea King for crowdfunders. I also ordered some bonus reward giveaways, which you’ll have to wait and see.

The stickers are done, and here is a sneak peek of one of the sticker designs. This one is printed in Vinyl (waterproof) and can be used on water bottles.

I’m projecting that the shipping will start around mid-December. I’ll send them out in batches. It will be a battle against the holiday mailers, and I’m not looking forward to the lines at the post office. Yikes!

More updates to come!


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