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Back in 2007-2008, a group of friends, a rag tag team of indie filmmakers and talents came together to make a feature film for the budget of $932. It took sweat, blood and tears. A year later, VEGASLAND was born.


As a co-creator of the indie film I can say that it was truly an amazing experience. My thanks cannot even match the weight of dedication and commitment that the actors and production team have put into this project. There were many challenges that our small production faced, but we did it. We finished a movie!

In the past few weeks I’ve been mulling around and re-reading the script and I think that a revival is in order. The characters and stories are deep and rich that if I can touch on some of these and bring them back in a refreshed medium, I think it will be an exciting story to retell.

This process also involves another look at my illustration style. Back to the drawing board and learning a new technique. I can’t wait for this exciting new challenge. Wish me luck!

Production Images from Vegasland

Vegasland Official Web Site

Vegasland DVD on Amazon



The remains of my Vegasland 2007 Production Working Script (Yes, it worked a lot).



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