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UPDATE: Book is now available on Amazon and booksellers everywhere

It’s done! The initial stages of my new book “The Stumps of Flattop Hill” is finished. The last few weeks was spent finishing up the illustrations of The Stumps and I’m glad to say that it’s completed and it looks pretty awesome!

The story is about a little girl, Florence, who lives in a town where kids poke fun at her and taunt her about going to the abandoned house up the hill of Flattop. Now most townspeople know that this is a very bad idea. But something kept calling to Florence, and she ends up making her way up to the house!

The inspiration for the story came from many places… but the illustration style is a definite homage to the master, Edward Gorey. I think that the illustration suits the dark-wit and macabre story telling of “Stumps.” This is a style we rarely see in print and something I enjoy creating (albeit in my own flavour).

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I also created a mock-up layout of the book and printed them on linen paper and oh -boy do they look juicy. And just for the fun of it, I created a clay molding of the main character from the book. Animated movie, anyone?


I can’t wait for this book to come out, I think the combination of the words + pictures will be truly something awesome to keep… specially for those who enjoy this genre of macabre stories.

The rest of the work really goes into the finalization of the layout and that will come into play when it reaches the publishers hands. Crossing my fingers on that one! And to all the publishers, I have a personal appeal…



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