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I’ve been working on a sketch for an entry submission to the Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest Badge contest. I thought it would be fun since I’ve never really tried this style before. I tried drawing it at first on the computer but had a hard time sketching, so I tried it again on the good ol’ notepad. Here’s the initial sketch:

After sketching, I took this picture to download it on my computer and that’s when the second phase of the work began with the re-tracing of the lines and coloring. I had to look up some comic book references to get the shadowing to look better than my initial “practice.” After drawing black and white images all the time, I had to re-learn drawing in color again.

At first, I thought I would be finished after drawing the background but I’ll try not to be lazy by finishing the other characters in the original sketch. Our heroine looks lonely in a desolate post apocalyptic Las Vegas.

Here’s a BW version of the image. I will post the final color image once the rest of the gang is complete. I wouldn’t say I’m exactly awesome at this, but who knows, maybe in a few more (thousand) tries I can get the hang of it 😉 … Kudos to all comic book artists out there.


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