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Time to share something tasty for everyone! Show your support for the arts, children’s literature and a great project.

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Short tasty bits

Underneath The Juniper Tree (UTJT) began in June, 2011. Since then we’ve been collecting a tasty smorgasbord of writing and artwork that tantalizes and terrifies children and adults alike. Our contributors range from children to adults, nobodies to somebodies and everything in between, all with the talent to scare us.

We would like to showcase these amazing writers and artists from all over the world by printing an anthology of our favourite pieces since UTJT set its roots.

We know it’s important for new creatives to have their work become a tangible piece of their passion that they can hold with pride.┬áPlease help us support the incredible work of these people in our 2011-2012 Anthology.

What will this piece of finery look like?

Printing costs are key in this project. We don’t want to make just another magazine or compilation of images and words. We want the actual product to be a piece of work in and of itself.

If we meet our goal, we will be embossing the cover of our Anthology to give it a subtle and dark look that resounds in the work and very being of Underneath The Juniper Tree.

We will have cover-to-cover full colour artwork to accompany the incredible stories within. Go big or go home!

We will have a perfect bound spine, which will not only look super chic and professional, but will allow us to put the name and date of the Anthology on the spine.

Who does what?

Underneath The Juniper Tree is run by two volunteers, artist Rebekah Joy Plett and litarary agent Bree Ogden. Both have full-time careers and various part-time jobs in order to allow them to do what they love. Underneath The Juniper Tree is a passion of the heart and they will do what it takes to succeed.

All our contributors take time outside their jobs and lives to create the horrifically wonderful pieces that we publish in our online magazine. We want to give back by showcasing some of our favourite pieces in this anthology.

What else can you do to help?

Just knowing that others are loving what we’re doing is a lot of encouragement, so when we receive emails and messages on Facebook and Twitter that support our creation, it motivates us to work even harder.

You can visit us on our Facebook page, “like” us and send us a comment. Or you can follow us on Twitter and see what sort of ghoulish things we’re up to. Also, feel free to send us your scary stories and artwork! We are always taking new submissions.

Lastly, spread the word! We’ve amassed our fans simply by word of mouth.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement since that fateful day in June 2011!


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