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Sometimes there are stories out there that pick the artist. When that happens, that’s when you just have to let your creative juices flow. If you haven’t seen the latest UTJT magazine you should click here to check it out.

The process of creating art can sometimes be a long and bumpy process. What style should you go with? What colors? What best reflects the mood of the story? As the deadline nears, all these things can compound into a swirl of doo-doo or a source of inspiration.

Once you send off your artwork to cyberspace, you usually don’t hear back from the author of the story you illustrated for. So I was pleasantly surprised to when Robert Wood (the author of Playing In The Dark) dropped me a line talking about the story and the art at his web site.  I’m glad he enjoyed the images and I hope that it encourages other artists to contribute and share their work.

So make the jump and read his insight and other musings right here…



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