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For the longest time I’ve  debated whether to create my new graphic novel project the traditional way (pen and paper) or do it digitally. Now I must admit I have no experience in creating graphic novels or comic books (other than ones from weee back when I was a little cholo… I’m not hispanic btw 🙂 ).

Of course the positives and negatives are quite evident. Going digital would make it easier to edit/delete etc… while the traditional process might be more of a half and half. Sure, you can draw on paper but you would eventually have to scan it in for clean-up, coloring etc. The cost of paper and drawing materials would eventually pile up. But my biggest beef with digital was that my results were hit or miss. I couldn’t quite get it down. I think I figured out part of it was that I had a plastic protection cover on my Wacom tablet which made it slippery and give me an less-than-natural feel, more so than usual. Removing that protective cover improved my perception at least in half. The other half would have to come down to, am I happy with the results. So far, I am… but a good sleep can remove that. Let me know what you think.

This is a dream sequence that the main character, “Talbot” is having.

Click for full size…



Drawn in Manga Studio and colored in photoshop

Contact me directly if you have any interest in the book/publishing rights etc… Thanks!

Black and White Conversion Test below…



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  • Uncle Robot says:

    It’s as visually stunning a piece of work as I’ve seen. Really great stuff.

  • Denver says:

    Great stuff, Ken! Looking forward to the release! When digital coloring was first used, I was totally unimpressed with how “fake” it looked but the colorists and their tools have improved so much that they are honing their craft to watercolor-like levels.4

    • ken says:

      Thanks Denver, I’m trying to find that happy medium where it doesn’t look/feel too digital! See you in six months 🙂

  • Dawn Pisturino says: