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City Book Review gives Petro and the Flea King 4.5/5-Stars

Petro and the Flea King seems like a simple story at first, but when you give this children’s book your full attention, you realize how ambitious the narrative truly is. Although the reader does encounter a few Tagalog words in the story, otherwise the adventure is completely wordless. Instead, Petro’s story, his transformation from tiny brat to heroic, dutiful lad, is explored and explained only through character actions, facial expressions, and interactions with others.

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LitPick gives Petro and the Flea King a 5-Star Book Review!

Earlier this week Petro and the Flea King received a 5-star review from a student reviewer at 

LitPick is a book review site dedicated to promoting reading and writing among preteens, teens, and young adults through mentoring with student books reviews. If you’re looking for book reviews from the perspective of actual student readers, LitPick is highly recommended.

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