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81S-Kgd8vBLThis is a children’s picture book structure break down for The Entertainer by Emma Dodd. This breakdown will contain spoilers.

This is a rhyming book!

Once upon a time:

Billy and his friends are having a birthday party at his house.

Until one day:

The Entertainer dressed as a bear appears at the front door and is welcomed by mom and dad.

And because of this:

The Entertainer is invited for tea and biscuits and blurts out a big burp, which surprises mom. She comments about his lack of manners.

The kids chase and play with The Entertainer and causes a ruckus throughout the house. Again, mom comments about how she should not have invited this entertainer.

Sprinkled throughout the books are little notes that reminds kids that certain bad manners and behaviors done by The Entertainer should not be copied. 

The Entertainer eats some flowers and glugs a jug of water.  He eats the fruits from a fruit bowl without chewing. The kids attempt to undo his outfit but could not find a place to unzip it. He stopped the kids with his brown paws and popped some balloons with his claws.

Until finally:

The Entertainer moves to the next room where he discovers and promptly eats the feast laid out on the table. The kids discover him passed out after eating all the food. After having cake, mom and dad sends off the Entertainer and wishes him goodbye.

Billy proclaims how he loved The Entertainer and wishes him to come again the following year.

In a moments notice, the door bell rings and upon opening it mom and dad discovers a man in a bears costume who was the actual Entertainer. He apologizes for being late which makes us realize that the previous Entertainer was a real bear!

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