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This is a children’s picture book structure break down for Poppy’s Best Paper By Susan Eaddy and Rosalinde Bonnet. This breakdown will contain spoilers.

Once upon a time:

Poppy and her best friend Lavender were hanging out. She’s day dreaming about wanting to be the best writer ever. Lavender replies that she wanted to be a brain surgeon.

Until one day:

Miss Rose, the school teacher assigns a writing homework to everyone in the class. The subject is “What I want to be when I grow up”, and whomever has the best work will be read to the entire class. Poppy gets excited and blurts out that she’s going to be a famous writer. She imagines writing 50 or even 100 books and that she’ll be famous and go to school talks and book signings. She dreams of having her paper read in class.

And because of this:

Poppy gets home, sharpened her pencil, found her favorite notebook and settled into bed to write. She wrote a couple of sentences and decided that it was perfect (but it wasn’t).

The next day, Lavender’s paper entitled “Why I want to be a brain surgeon” was selected by Miss Rose. This confused Poppy. She blurts out that “Lavender doesn’t even want to be a writer”.

The next homework, “If I had one wish” was once again assigned by Miss Rose. Poppy again procrastinates throughout the entire evening and doesn’t put the effort to write a good paper.


Until finally:

The next day, Lavender’s paper was once again selected. Poppy became furious about this and Miss Rose sends her to the “chill out chair.”

Poppy goes home and tries one last time to write on her notebook but gets frustrated. She snaps her pencil in half, yells at her brother, stomps to her room and slams the door.

Then, she finally gets an idea and begins to write.

The next day, she submits her paper entitled, “How to get in trouble.” Miss Rose reads the paper and everyone applauds and Poppy’s dream of having her paper read to the entire class is finally fulfilled.

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