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51gjgmxoirLThis is a children’s picture book structure break down for Mustache Baby Meets His Match by Bridget Heos and Joy Ang. This breakdown will contain spoilers. The structure below is a shorter version by Brian McDonald’s The Invisible Ink.

Once upon a time:

Baby Billy A.K.A. Mustache Baby is a baby with an impressive mustache. His mustache is a “good guy mustache” and everyone loved him for it.

Until one day:

One day, Baby Javier (who has an impressive beard) shows up for a play date. He’s new in town and Mustache Baby has to show him a thing or two about his manliness.

And because of this:

Javier, not one for being one-upped, shows Mustache Baby his own moves and it becomes a battle of trying to better the other baby. Mustache Baby wants to turn Javier into a side kick but Javier doesn’t want to be one, he’s his own man.

In the process, their beards gets damaged and it turns from a “good guy mustache” to a “bad guy mustache.” Their battle turns into a pro-wrestling match with both characters wearing lucha libre face masks.

Until finally:

Mom appears to break up the wrestling match. Both kids are sent to their respective corners and mom talks to Billy saying that he should apologize and instead trying to turn Javier into a sidekick that they could just be friends.

Not wanting to be one-upped in the apology department, Billy goes to Javier and they make-up. Javier may not have turned into a side-kick he wanted, but now they’re partners.

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