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51rFnkHi8YLThis is a children’s picture book structure break down for Loula and Mister The Monster Written and Illustrated by Anne Villenueve. This breakdown will contain spoilers. The structure below is a shorter version by Brian McDonald of the Invisible Ink.

Once upon a time:

Loula lives with a dog “Mister” and they enjoy each others company.

Until one day:

Everything is fine until one day Loula overhears mother talking with someone in another room about getting rid of “The Monster.”

She knows that the monster mother is referring to is Mister. He’s not exactly a well-behaved dog.


And because of this:

Loula attempts to turn Mister into the perfect dog through various “Lessons” which include how to eat properly, how to dress up and even how to avoid puddles.

Until finally:

Throughout this entire exercise Mister fails miserably and they all end up back at the house where Loula has a face to face with mother and begs her not to get rid of Mister.

Mother tells Loula that she wasn’t planning on getting rid of Mister after all, but instead she needed help getting rid of a potted plant monster that she must’ve acquired elsewhere.

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