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51Dt+XzSfhLThis is a children’s picture book structure break down for Beyond the Pond by Joseph Keufler. This breakdown will contain spoilers.

Once upon a time:

(Pages 1-2) Earnest D. had decided that today would be the day he’d explore the depths of the pond.

Until one day:

(Pages 3-26) He tested the waters of his pond to see how deep it goes, but it looked like it didn’t have a bottom. So Earnest dove in.

There he saw different creatures and sunken treasures. Earnest kept swimming until he came out the other side, discovering a different world filled with adventure, interesting creatures and amazing color. But this new place also had scary things.


And because of this:

(Pages 27-30) After a fun day of adventure, he returned back to the other side of the pond… now realizing that there is something new to be discovered at every corner and at every turn.

Total # Pages: 40

Buy this book here:Beyond the Pond by Joseph Keufler


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