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The Mysterious Creature of Ogred Street

Submission for Illustration Friday under the topic of “Mysterious”. Hope you enjoy it!

What do you think is the story behind this image?

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  1. Are you a secret son of my lovely and admired Edward Gorey?

    • ken ken

      I love Gorey Style indeed. Isn’t it obvious? 🙂

  2. I love your art!

    The underground steamship sets sail leaving the boy and his creature stranded on Ogreth Street.
    “Why, they’ve left us behind,” said the creature in a snootier tone than usual, “Report it to the authorities. Immediately!”
    “Get over yourself,” said the boy, “Or I’ll stick my brolly in your eye.”

    • ken ken

      Hahah. I love it. Underground steamships huh… Visuals coming into my noggin!

  3. Ohhh, I love this – wonderful work!

  4. Check mine out, and tell me what the story is ….and maybe I can do the same for you. A steamy mystery–I love it ! Also…I like your UNJT Toe Eaters! Aren’t we having fun??!! 🙂

    • ken ken

      Thanks! I just added my little story. Very creepy characters you go roaming about your blog 😉

  5. Strange atmosphere. Bit absurdistic Gustac Dore. I like it!

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