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I’ll be at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con this weekend. I hope to see you there. I’ll have limited copies of signed books on hand!


Amazing Las Vegas Comic Convention


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Who’s coming to 2016 AMAZING LA VEGAS COMIC CON?

Chris Claremont is the most important writer, ushering in the modern age of comics with his historic run on the X-MEN. He created fan favorite characters such as Phoenix, Rogue, Gambit, Mystique, Sabertooth, Kitty Pryde, the White Queen, New Mutants, and dozens more. Claremont’s historic 17 year run on X-Men sold over 750 MILLION COMICS worldwide. Popular storylines include Dark Phoenix Saga, God Loves Man Kills, the Mutant Massacre, X-Tinction Agenda and other perennial best sellers. He made WOLVERINE a household name, penning the first solo adventures as well.The work of Chris Claremont was the basis for the each of the X-Men movies from FOX including this summer’s blockbuster X-MEN: APOCALYPSE. His work was translated into the top ratings of 90s X-Men Cartoon, best-selling line of toys, video games, and more.

KEVIN EASTMAN is one of the most influential creators in modern pop era. He is visionary behind the pop culture phenomenon- TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES! Since the mid-1980s, every kid on the planet has known the Turtles from Comics, Cartoons, Toys, Movies, Video Games, and more. Kevin Eastman will be on hand to sign autographs and take pictures with the fans. Look for special comics, guests and more from #TeamEastman at the Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con. 
STEVE McNIVEN is the most important Marvel Comics Artist of the Century. He is best known for top charting CIVIL WAR- soon to be the next Marvel Movie released in May. OLD MAN LOGAN influenced the current Marvel All new line-up, revamping the GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY led to another success in the cineplex, and INHUMANS influences weekly Marvel television. McNiven’s work last year was perhaps the monumental, DEATH OF WOLVERINE.
MAT NASTOS: Disney artist and writer, best Selling Fiction Author, TV/Film & fantasy writer/director, known best for bad horror movies about giant scorpions, killer pigs and dinosaurs in the sewers. Over his career, Mat has written or drawn for Marvel, DC, Elfquest, Cinemax, Disney (Emperor’s New School, Phineas & Ferb, Liv & Maddie), and more. Mat will be on-hand all weekend, as well as offering free kids’ sketches all day on Sunday. Mat is located in Artist Alley at table B9/B10 and you can see hisConvention Exclusive items on our EXCLUSIVES page.
Scott Lobdell is an industry veteran most famous for writing the X-Men. His work was instrumental in X-Men Animated series, which brought Marvel Mutants into the mainstream pop culture. Lobed was also responsible for may of the game changing X-Men Mega Crossover events of the 1990s such as X-Cutioner’s Song, Fatal Attractions, Onslaught, and more. It was his re-imagining of the X-Universe that inspired this summer’s upcoming Blockbuster film hit- X-Men AGE OF APOCALYPSE
CHARLES SOULE is the fan favorite writer currently working on Marvel Comics’ DAREDEVIL, INHUMANS, STAR WARS OBI-WAN & ANAKIN,. He also has his own creator owned titled LETTER 44 from Oni Press. Charles Soule’s previous work includes the CIVIL WAR Secret Wars Mini series, and the best selling DEATH OF WOLVERINE.
Brian Haberlin is fan favorite comic writer of FASTER THAN LIGHT and SPAWN.
Tyler Kirkham the new artist on ACTION Comics for DC.
Kenneth Rocfort is fan favorite comic artist of the ULTIMATES for Marvel Comics.
RYAN OTTLEY is fan favorite comic artist of INVINCIBLE. In addition to his long running collaboration with Robert Kirkman and Skybound Entertainment, Ryan has contributed variant covers to Amazing Spider-Man, Batman Superman, and The Walking Dead.
RICK HOBERG With a huge body of work that includes the original Marvel Comics’ STAR WARS, Green Arrow, and more. Hobart has extensive animation credits working on such favorites as the X-Men, TMNT, Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends, Jem & Holograms. Video Game fans should bring their copies of HALO 4 and HALO 5 to get signed too- Rick was the Lead Cinematic Storyboard artist for these world wide best sellers!
EDDIE NUNEZ Fan Favorite of Artist Alley, with great prints and fantastic commissions. Credits include Windstorm, Batman Arkham, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Cover Artist.
Matt Banning: Inker extraordinaire BATT had a meteoric rise at Top Cow, most notably as the inker of The Darkness and co-creator of Ascension. From there he went forth to many exciting runs from both Marvel and DC Comics.
Ted McKeever (Image Comics Artist – Eddy Current and Meta4): The self-described “The Bastard Stepchild of the Comic Book Industry,” Ted McKeever has been creating mind-blowing and award-winning comics since 1987.
Agnes Garbowska(IDW Publishing Artist – My Little Ponies, Grumpy Cat, Transformers): From My Little Pony, Jem and the Holograms, Grumpy Cat, My Little Pet Shop, and many others have graced work by Agnes.
Marat Mychaels (Artist for Deadpooh): Extreme Artist has forged a successful career post Image Comics with stints on Deadpool Corps for Marvel Comics with Grifter and Deathstroke for DC Comics. He is currently working on his creator owned work, while producing best convention prints on the show circuit.
Karl Altstaetter (Artist for Deity): Sketch cover artist Fan Favorite, Karl has history in the comics industry, first working as the Assistant to Jim Lee before working on a number of Image projects ranging from Bloodstrike to his creator owned Deity. Check his Emerald City Blues creator own project, and even take his NAME GAME challenge his artist alley table!
Ryan Kincaid (Artist for Zenescope): one of the most commercially talented creators seated in the Artist Alley at #A4. His good girl style is popular with con goers across the country, with prints and commissions available. He as contributed original artwork for VIP Members. Ryan is in Artist Alley at Table B12.
Deitrich Smith (Artist for Shaft): Another Extreme Studios Alum, Dietrich Smith has worked on a number of projects for DC and Marvel, from Justice League to Gambit. Most recently he works with Dynamite Studios, completing a runs on Battle Star Galactica, Army of Darkness, and the fan favorite SHAFT
Carlos D’Anda is a creative dynamo, working in the fiends of both comic books and concept designs. A veteran from Wildstorm Studios, he worked on a number of titles associated with Jim Lee including DEATHBLOW and WILDCATS. He later moved to Dark Horse completing the last STAR WARS series, which gained critical and fan acclaim.
Ken F. Levin: named by BLEEDING COOL magazine one of The 100 Most Powerful People in the Comics Industry — knows Hollywood and comics inside out. In the 1980’s, Levin co-founded 1FIRST COMICS, the first successful independent comic book company. In 1995 he represented Mike Mignola for the feature film HELLBOY. He has been Max Allan Collins’ producing partner for more than 18 years; he did the deal for the Academy Award-winning feature film ROAD TO PERDITION, and later, the independent feature film A MATTER OF PRINCIPLE. Among his other comics to film and TV projects are WANTED which Mr. Levin set up at Universal Studios; the animated THE AMAZING SCREW-ON HEAD; the television movie and 22 episode television series PAINKILLER JAN. Recently Mr. Levin re-launched 1FIRST COMICS. His current projects include Max Allan Collins’ series QUARRY, and Garth Ennis’ PREACHER.
Stephen L. Stern has written over 100 comic-books and graphic novels, and is best-known as the writer/creator of the indie comic-book, ZEN INTERGALACTIC NINJA. He is also the writer/creator of First Comics’ FRICKIN’ BUTT-KICKIN’ ZOMBIE ANTS, and the upcoming MAJESTIC COMICS. His graphic novels include BEOWULF and A CHRISTMAS CAROL, both published by the UK’s Markosia, as well as WAR OF THE WORLDS and SHYGIRL. Stern is also the author of the official comic-book adaptation of the animated classic, MR. MAGOO’S CHRISTMAS CAROL. He lives in Los Angeles.
Orlando Harding is an independent comic book publisher and writer. He is the founder and creator of Revolution Comics and author of the comic book Pariah, and the critically acclaimed Night Stalker. His latest creation, R.R.H. has been applauded by its reviewers and has recently been picked up by First Comics.
The Fillbach Brothers: Born in Butte, Montana, the Brothers are creators, writers, and artists whose graphic novels include MAXWELL STRANGEWELL, ROADKILL: A JIM KOWALSKI ADVENTURE, as well as WEREWOLVES ON THE MOON. They are best known for the bestselling STAR WARS: CLONE WARS ADVENTURES digest books.Through FIRST COMICS the Brothers are releasing a library of new graphic novels including FREAKIN’ BUTT-KICKIN’ ZOMBIE ANTS (with Steve Stearn), TALES OF THE S.S. JUNKY STAR, LIVES (with Glenn Farrington), and CADAVER DOGS OF WINTER. Also coming from The Fillbach Brothers and FIRST COMICS in 2014 is CAPTAIN FREEBIRD: AN AMERICAN PRAYER, JIM KOWALSKI: MACABRO DEMONDIO, SHOTGUN TO SUGARLAND, DOG SOLDIER, and MEN OF VIOLENCE… Among many, many more.
John and Matt Yuan: Actors: Observe and Report, Arrested Development. Writers/Artists: Serving Supes, Declan and Chang: Sweet F.A.
Dan Cote is the illustrator / co­creator of Zen Intergalactic Ninja. Dan is a prolific experimenter. The first series of Zen comics were completely illustrated by airbrush, simply because no one else was doing it. When Dan went digital he developed Code D, and digital mode of creating anaglyph 3D with striking depth and immersion. Dan is currently perfecting a new workflow creating a graphic novel that is largely vector art which creates a unique stylized vibe and stunning colors.


Amazing Las Vegas Con 2016

June 17-19, 2016
The Las Vegas Convention Center
3150 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89109

FRI 6/17: 3pm-8pm
SAT 6/18: 10am-7pm
SUN 6/19: 10am-6pm


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