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Drawn from The Well, Book Review

In his new book Drawn from the Well, artist Greg “Craola” Simkins shows us some of the monster and creatures he’s been sketching throughout the years.

His graffiti surrealistic style are showcased in various pen and pencil sketches. We even find some monsters which are now permanently inked on large finished canvas pieces.

Through some of these illustrations on notepads & crumpled paper, we get a glimpse in the inner working of today’s surrealist painter.

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  1. ken ken

    He’s a very talented artist. Definitely check out some of his paintings too.

  2. Stew Sheppit Stew Sheppit

    Wow! Those are some very wicked drawings! He definitely is talented!

  3. Rebecca Lindquist Rebecca Lindquist

    Love the images! These are really something 🙂

  4. Landon McCormick Landon McCormick

    Very slick video… and the drawings look amazing. Nice!

  5. Peggy N. Peggy N.

    I don’t know why but monsters are very interesting creatures and expressed well in art. I guess because people have been creating and inventing monsters for centuries. Very nice collection here.

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