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Whale Witch haunted house

For today’s post (inspired by illustration friday) is a witch’s house atop of a whale. In our story, the priest, rides by boat to visit the whale for some unfinished business (i’ll leave that part to you!).

As an added bonus, scroll down below and watch a short video time-lapse of the creation of this drawing. Most of my illustrations are rarely sketched in detail. Typically I will create a major framework on how I want the general composition to look like and I start drawing with pen. (This might also be the reason why when I fail in creating a piece, I will fail masterfully and while I’ve almost completed over half of the work!). In this case, nothing major happened so all is well atop Whale Witch Island where the house stands and the witch on top of it.


Enjoy the video below. If you visit the vimeo page as well you will see another Monster Time-Lapse creation I did in the past.

Whale Witch House Illustration by Rabbleboy Time-Lapse from RabbleBox on Vimeo.\


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  1. Very cool illustration and video!

    • ken ken

      Thanks Ana for stopping by. Glad you liked it

  2. I agree, the illustration and the video of it are very cool. You have great imagination!

  3. very nice haunted whale with the house and graveyard and all!

  4. That was fun! Thanks for sharing.

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