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As you know, I enjoy all things Edward Gorey. So when I received my new home work from Underneath the Juniper Tree, I thought it was a perfect opportunity to do an homage to the master of Macabre illustrations.

For the full story associated with this drawing, check out  UTJT found here  This little girl had to prepare herself from the torments of her two belligerent brothers, and now revenge is at hand!

Watch out for the next issue to see a couple more of my illustrations in varying styles.

Don’t foget to checkout my newly released book A BOX STORY. Now available on (Yay!) Support your local artist/illustrator. Puh-lease!

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  • Ashley Cooley says:

    Great post! I also really enjoy ALL things Edward Gorey! Checking out your book on Amazon NOW 🙂

  • Kelly Ramirez says:

    Yet another great illustration! Looks like a great book! Keep it up!

  • Siggie Rands says:

    Very nice Macabre illustrations 😉 Very well done! Also, I think it’s awesome that your idea for “A Box Story” came to you first in a dream. It’s like it was meant to be written. Nice work!