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This has been a bit of a crazy weekend, but overall it was rewarding. I just finished a 6 page spread for Underneath the Juniper Tree.If you’ve not read the totally scary, creatively amazing new breed of children’s publication then i encourage you to get a proverbial pencil and stab your eye or simply click the link above.

The image above is a small capture of one of the spreads. Picturing a mesmerized boy (or maybe he just has no clue what’s coming next!). The this is about 1/5th the actual picture and as you can see there’s lots of little dots and details. It’s not my usual pen/paper technique but all digital illustration while using a very basic sketch. The eyes are from real human eyes so it adds a unique subtle touch to the picture.

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  • d says:

    Very eerie atmosphere, especially with these eyes! Great work.

  • ken says:

    Glad you caught the eyes. It was subtle touch. I can’t wait to see it published next month!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  • Hi Ken! I just saw the new issue of UNTJT, and I am so completely blown away by the artwork you did for my short story! I was expecting maybe one stock photo at best, not 4 gorgeous, custom pieces that capture the best parts of my story! Thank you so much for your attention to detail and obvious time and energy. I absolutely LOVE your art. All the best to you,

    Annie Neugebauer

    • ken says:

      Hi Annie. It’s nice for you to stop by! I’m glad you liked the artwork! The story really inspired me! Don’t be a stranger.