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Las Vegas, NV May 12,2014 – Award-winning children’s picture book author and illustrator Kenneth Lamug hopes to reignite the all-ages genre with the first of an interactive series.

The Tall Tales of Talbot Toluca – The Quest For the Ore Crystals combines the high impact visuals of comics while engaging the reader with Where’s Waldo-like hidden object games, mazes and puzzles.

After discovering a secret lab right under their school, Talbot and his friends must now take the responsibility of protecting the lab at all costs. Unfortunately, the evil scientist Dr. Kadoom makes a comeback from another dimension with the aim of total world destruction.

“I want readers to be part of the adventure and solve problems alongside the characters,” says Lamug. “This is a story, yet it’s also a game about problem-solving and exploration. It’s all about immersing in the quest. This book is only a small piece of the puzzle to the entire Talbot Tales.”

Each hidden-object center spread can take up to a month to draw and color, and that’s not including the puzzles and story panels. Lamug plans up to seven spreads with six already completed. He believes this unique format separates his Talbot series from the rest.

His previous book, A Box Story, garnered four awards in its first year, an unexpected accomplishment for a first title. Lamug hopes that adults and kids alike will respond in a positive way to this new book and seek out comics as a new medium for interactive content.

Talbot Toluca’s Kickstarter campaign starts Monday, May 12th, and will run through June 10th, 2014.

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