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It’s been a while since I’ve attempted to make a Sculpey character. This time, I worked on Talbot, the main character from my new book. I’ve never quite figured out how to create the smoothest sculpey and I don’t have the patience to attempt it as well, but alas, I tried! The smaller they are the harder it is to keep everything smooth while molding other parts to the desired shape. I’ve finally purchased glue so I didn’t have to stick everything before they went into the over for curing. I could finally build separate parts, bake them and glue them afterwards which helped A TON.

Coloring in Acrylic is something new for me too. I think the last sculpey’s I made was colored with markers (hey, they looked pretty good!). This one wasn’t too bad after I figured out which combinations to mix to get the desired color.

In the future, I wish to develop multiple personalities so that this character can speak to me and try to motivate me to keep going forward. Wish me luck!



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