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The last few weeks have been intense. RabbleBoy just added a new baby boy to the rabble rousing family – Michael Ian, and he’s been taking up a lot of time.

On-top of that, there’s been too much work that I haven’t been creative at all (Sorry folks, I promise to get focused again soon). But an amazing surprise just arrived in the mail of electrons yesterday — RabbleBoy won the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival‘s Badge Art Contest! YEP. It was known to be truth — now it’s a fact.

If you do not recall the entry, it’s this totally rockin’ SteamPunk illustration I did a while back.

So according to my resources, this totally epic illustration will be featured on the VIP badges dangling around the necks of 250+ comic book fans at this year’s Festival and the Festival’s information booth! I also get some loot, so that will be an added bonus!

Doing the dougie dance right now…. (following internet meme pics).


Click here to visit the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival web site.



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