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51uo8V0YDfLThis is a children’s picture book structure break down for This Orq. (He Cave Boy.) by David Elliott and Lori Nichols. This breakdown will contain spoilers.

Once upon a time:

(Pages 1-4) Once upon a time there was a cave boy by the name of Orq and his Mammoth friend, Woma. Cave life is tough. They have to sleep in the cold, eat uncooked meat, but they are having fun.

Until one day:

(Pages 5-21) But the life of a caveboy wasn’t all that great. Dorq, another caveboy, is tougher, stronger and a big bully. He is paired with Caba, a big grey creature with a long snout, who likes to bully Woma.

They persistently chase Orq and Woma all over the place and distrupt their fun.

One day, they trick Orq and Woma and trap them. Caba throws a big egg at Woma, smashing it on his head.


And because of this:

(Pages 22-31) With his furious anger, Orq bangs two rocks together, accidentally creating/inventing fire. He uses the fire to scare off Dorq and Woma away. Now, with the creation of fire, the cave people live much better lives and are able to cook food!

Total # Pages: 40

Buy this book here: This Orq. (He Cave Boy.) by David Elliott and Lori Nichols

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