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71HdbAku6WLThis is a children’s picture book structure break down for THE MONSTORE by Tara Lazar and James Burks. This breakdown will contain spoilers.

Once upon a time:

(Pages 1-4) Welcome to the Monstore, a secret place where you can get Monsters that help out with tricky things around the house.

Until one day:

(Pages 5-10) Except for Manfred, Zack’s monster who is supposed to stop Gracie from snooping around. Instead, Manfred does the exact opposite.

Zack returns to the Monstore to return Manfred. Unfortunately the store has a policy of no returns, no exchanges. The store manager recommends that Zack pickup another Monster to make a better “scare”.

(Pages 11-20) Once again, the new Monster doesn’t help Zack with his sister. He returns to the Monstore several times to get new Monsters, one failing after the other. Soon the entire room had filled up with monsters that Zack had to move to the basement!

And because of this:

(Pages 21-25) Later that night, something creepy sneaks into the basement -it’s Gracie. She asks Zack to help out with something scary in her room… it’s a pointy, shiny Tiara. Zack carefully rids the room of the Tiara and gets a big hug from Gracie.

(Pages 26-30) Soon after the final cleanup, the room belonged to Zack once again… and the Monsters to Gracie. Since they couldn’t return them to the Monstore, Gracie had to come up with a new plan.

The Monster’s now live in the bike shed, under a secret trap door.

Total # Pages: 32
Buy this book here: The Monstore by Tara Lazar and James Burks

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