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Yes, you read that correctly! Award-Winning Graphic Novel Petro and the Flea King is getting a sequel, and here’s your chance to take part. On July 4th, I am launching the crowdfunding campaign for Petro Book 2 as part of the Spotlight Event focusing on Kids and YA projects. The event is held in July with various projects ranging from comics, games & other Kid type merchandise.

For my part, I’m asking for your support to get Petro Book 2 launched & funded – the rest will be on me! Check out some of the rewards, and if you have any ideas you’d like to add, feel free to let me know. Of course, I’m trying to be realistic with what can be made within the budget and time constraints, so I’m keeping the funding goal super duper low.

Here’s how you can show your support.

  • Visit and bookmark the campaign page
  • Wait for event launch July 4th and support by selecting a reward
  • Want more? Get a limited-edition print
  • Share the campaign with your friends & family
  • Share the campaign on social media and follow me on socials @rabbleboy
  • Keep watch for various events throughout the month
Check it out – I made a video!

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