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I’m very excited to announce my next graphic novel – Mischief and Mayhem! It will officially be out Summer of 2021.

Big thanks to the Team @ Katherine Tegen / Harper Collins for making Mischief & Mayhem come to life! I’m very thankful and honored, multiply that by a thousand billions!

And thanks to Chris Grabenstein for reading Mischief & Mayhem.

Check out the cover and let me know what you think.

Mischief & Mayhem : Born to be bad – Graphic Novel Cover Art

Book Synopsis: Mischief and Mayhem are your respectably heinous villains. They’ll spoil new movies, steal cake from parties they weren’t invited to, and hit the good citizens where it’ll dirty them most—their toilet paper. But before Mischief and Mayhem were ever supervillains, they were just Missy and Gizmo, fresh recruits at Superhero boot camp. Except Missy lied on her hero application and has exactly zero superpowers, just her brainpower. Humiliated when caught and kicked out, she has only one fellow camp recruit who is willing to stand by her—Melvira. Unbeknownst to others, Melvira has her own villainous agenda, and it involves helping Missy cross the line into villainy as her new alter ego, Mischief. But something about Melvira doesn’t sit right with Missy, and soon she’ll be called upon to battle her former best friend.

Will Missy be able to face the friend who was once her defender? Does Gizmo actually have nine lives? Will the town ever have TP again? In Ken Lamug’s deliciously hilarious graphic novel, the stakes are high and the battles epic, as the line between hero and villain gets flushed down the toilet.

Here’s some more yummy art:

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Make sure to preorder your copies right away. I recommend supporting your local bookstore!


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