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You’ve waited long enough! Here is the cover for Mischief and Mayhem Book 2, officially titled “The Cursed Bunny.”

At the end of book one, Melvira battles against Mischief and Mayhem as she tries her best to take the Mayor and the town hostage. After losing the battle, Melvira escapes with her feathered friend, Claw, to Unicorn Island.

Mischief and Mayhem are crowned as heroes, and their lives go back to normal… or did it?

Not so fast!

Melvira wants revenge! She gathers a group of wacky villains, puts together a new plan, and sets sails back to Idleville! Will Mischief and Mayhem be surprised, or will they be prepared for the revenge of the villains?

Here is the official cover design for Mischief and Mayhem #2 The Cursed Bunny. It’s a fun, colorful contrast against the purple/pink colors from the first book.

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All orders will include stickers, a bookmark, and a poster. But for 2-book purchases, I’ll have something extra!

Official Book Release June 14, 2022

Check out some of the cover ideas that didn’t make it. Do you have any favorites?

Official Synopsis for Mischief and Mayhem Book 2

Mischief and Mayhem are BACK to tackle middle school and cursed bunny heads in this hysterical full-color graphic novel sequel from author-illustrator Ken Lamug. This page-turner is perfect for fans of the Dog Man and Lunch Lady series!

Missy already defeated her former best friend, the supervillain Melvira, in an epic showdown, so how hard can making friends at middle school be?

But when a “reformed” Melvira suddenly enrolls at Missy’s school and wants to run for student body president . . . Missy knows in her gut that Melvira and her league of supervillains must be up to evil again. After food fights and catfights, Missy and Melvira land in detention together, where they’re reminded of how great their friendship used to be. And maybe they could they be friends again—but that didn’t go so well the first time…

Then a cursed bunny head begins to turn their town into zombies, and the two may have to team up once more to fight the greater evil. Can the former best friends turned archenemies still be true sisters-in-trouble? 


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