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I’m excited to announce that the Kirkus Review just came in! Here’s an excerpt:

drawings and overall aesthetic are lovely”

Lamug presents a minimalist, well-designed take on the elemental idea that children can have hours of fun with a plain cardboard box. “A box is not just a box. It can be many things,” the book begins. The ensuing pages illustrate some of those possibilities, which involve sleep, aliens, secrets and more. The same box is depicted on each page, with its different possibilities drawn in a muted, colored pencil–like style. On one page, a collection of nostalgia-colored childhood ephemera—stuffed animals, a trophy—sprouts out of the box; on another, a child sleeps peacefully inside it.

For a work that trumpets the imaginative possibilities of a simple box, the ideas proffered within aren’t nearly as creative, wacky or delightful as what a group of kids, given a box of crayons, could sit down and dream up on their own; the book’s message, however, remains admirable.

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