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I know you’ve been waiting to grab a hold of this one. So I’m hear to scream and holler that “Tales from Lost Vegas” is now available for purchase.

This unheard of 52-page full-color, action-packed glory was fully funded via Kickstarter by fans and supporters. And if you’re one of the earlier backers of the project, you’re probably getting a copy and some other bonus stuff on the way.


But, if you’re one of those rare-breeds that didn’t get a chance to order a copy, you are still in luck. Click the link to Pop Goes the Icon’s site and order ten copies and hand them out to your friends, parents, neighborhood kids, and they’ll be sure to love ya for it.

Remember that all the moonies (a slang for money for ya parents) will help the Library District as well as the Vegas Valley Comic Book Festival which promotes literacy and the arts!


Tales from Lost Vegas


52 pages, full color

Story: Ed Hawkins

Art: Steve Benton, Daniel Blodgett, Ken Lamug, Jska Priebe

Colors: Hi-Fi Design, Pj Perez

Product Description

Tales from Lost Vegas is an original, 52-page, full-color comic book that tells the story of three middle school friends who discover a lost complex hidden beneath the streets of Las Vegas, where they encounter robotic ants, cybernetic mob enforcers and the floating head of Howard Hughes. It’s a fun, all-ages adventure-comedy packed with witty banter, bizarre characters and genuine drama.

Proceeds from the sale of this comic benefit the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District Foundation’s support of the Vegas Valley Comic Book Fest.

Note: This is a pre-order item. Books will ship after Nov. 2, 2013.


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