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The KidLitGN pitch event is finally here. This world famous bi-annual pitch event for writers and illustrators of middle grade and younger graphic novels, is designed to get manuscripts in front of agents and editors.

This year is a little bit different than last year, with the hopes of giving creators more exposure by allowing them to post both on twitter and on the website.

Twitter pitch event on May 5, 2021 for un-agented authors/author-illustrators (see here for details), 

Website pitch event on May 4-May 6, 2021 for un-agented authors/author-illustrators at

The website event includes space for un-agented authors and author-illustrators, plus illustrators-only, and agented authors/author-illustrators. See here for details.

There are two giveaways for this year’s pitch event.

Clip Studio Paint EX, a popular drawing and layout tool for comic creators as well as a copy of the middle grade graphic novel Mischief and Mayhem.

The next pitch event will be held in October 2021. So make sure to subscribe and follow the growing communities on Twitter and/or Facebook page for notifications.


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