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Japanese Comickers Magazine features some of the hottest artists from Japan. It’s a great way to take a look at all the different styles and even insider techniques that each manga artist employs. Issue #2 covers twelve artists including Shigeki Maeshima, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, Waka Miyama, Lily Hoshino, Jeong Juno, Kim Hyung-tae, Kuroboshi Kouhaku, Haccan, Kaoru Yukifuna, Shukei, Chen Shu-Fen, Pin-Fan, NOA. Each profile talks about the artists influence, schooling, equipment, software and even a break-down of their art techniques.

For as little as $1 — Japanese Comickers a great and affordable way to learn about Manga artists and get exposed to their work. Get your copy today!


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