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So the other day I thought it would be interesting to try out something I’ve never done before. I took the book cover design for Mischief and Mayhem and made it into a full sized desktop wallpaper.

A typical graphic novel dimension is roughly around 5″ x 8″. This meant I had to expand the artwork all the way beyond the edges so that it may work as computer desktop wallpaper. Most screens these days are about the same dimensions as an HD or 4K tv screen. So I figured that my new design should at least be a minimum of 1920 x 1080 pixels in dimension.

This posed some challenges because the landscape would be much wider. I had to extend the buildings and add more details. This also affected the character scales (specially the robot).

But without overthinking things and throwing away any kind of logic, I eventually completed the art and I think it turned out well. Thank goodness we have layers in photoshop!

Robot does look a little too big and its foot is overlapping the road, but I think that’s pretty funny (again, don’t overthink it).

I do like how the world opens up and you can see more of the background.

I wonder what Mischief and Mayhem are doing posing in the middle of the street?! Ha!

Here’s the original cover for reference. I really didn’t change much from this original design.

Mischief & Mayhem Graphic Novel Cover Art

Let there be light!

The next challenge I took upon was turning the night time scene into daytime. (I planned to use this for posters that will go with the book pre-orders. More about the pre-orders here).

Typically with night time scenes, it’s easier to hide details because — it’s night time! You can play with shadows and silhouettes to fade things out. So when I created the daytime scene I had to make some adjustments.

You can see the windows are not the same scale as the nighttime scene. This allowed me to add more details to the buildings and make the windows a bit more stylized and fancier.

I didn’t make a lot of adjustment to the characters since they worked quite well with the daytime scene.

I also added clouds and a variety of colors to give each building their own characteristic and structure. Did you notice the seasonal tree and water tower? I could’ve gone a little farther but decided to keep it as consistent as possible to the previous design.

Night time and day time of Mischief and Mayhem

Which one do you like best?

You can download the full resolution image of the daytime wallpaper here.


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