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If you already purchased “Amphigorey: 15 books” then this is obviously the next step. It collects 20 of Gorey’s books (ones which are less popular). The printing is similar to “Amphigorey: 15 books” collection which is not stellar but will do the job. Some of the artwork are in color and some are also┬áprinted sideways.
If you like this style of book then you might also enjoy a fairytale about a little girl and a haunted house that I wrote and illustrated: The Stumps of Flattop Hill
This book includes, The Beastly Baby, The Nursery Frieze, The Pious Infant, The Evil Garden, The Inanimate Tragedy, The Gilded Bat, The Iron Tonic, The Osbick Bird, The Chinese Obelisks, The Deranged Cousins, The Eleventh Episode, The Untitled Book, The Lavender Leotard, The Disrespectful Summons, The abandoned Sock, The Lost Lions, Story for Sara, The Salt Herring, Leaves from Mislaid Album, and A Limerick.

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