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So how was your first half of the first month of 2022? If it’s anything like mine then you’ve probably been chugging along non-stop. For those that follow me, you’ll know that I work in an office during the day and create art in the evenings/weekends. This makes for many days of burnout in the office which usually affects available energy to spend for creating art. We’re not even talking about all the pressures of being a father and husband, and oh, yes —  there’s a global pandemic going on. I’m sure you can relate. It’s been a real struggle over the last few months. 

At this point in my life, I’ve been thinking more about what’s really important and why we do what we do. Maybe I’m going through a small existential crisis! 

So, for this year, I’m making a conscious effort to find my center so I can continue doing what I love – creating and sharing art. This means meditation, introspection, doing things that bring back wonder and gratitude.

I don’t mind the struggle, that’s part of what gives our lives meaning… I’d just like to take a short break. 

The Story of the Chinese Farmer

The Story of the Chinese Farmer is an ancient Taoist parable known as Sai Weng Shi Ma. This was then popularized by Alan Watts as a parable on perspective, flow and living in the present. The Chinese Farmer and the horse story carry values of yin and yang, balance and peace. This simply explains that we keep judging experiences as good and bad, when we should refrain from that and instead just say maybe. Because we never now what fortune or misfortune is yet to come. 

An Interview with Kirk Benshoff, Art Director of First Second Publishing

First Second has carved out a wonderful spot in the graphic novel space and has published some of the best books out there. What’s the secret sauce and how can this help creators work towards their publishing dreams?

In an in-depth interview by with Kirk Benshoff of First Second, you’ll find out what the publishing house looks for when acquiring books and working with writers and illustrators.

40 Lessons at 40

Valuable, fun and grounding life lessons from Michael Pietrzak.

Creating Engaging School Visits

Nevada reading week is happening between Feb 28 – March 4, 2022, and I’m currently working with teachers and schools to do author visits and presentations. This was one of my goals and I’m finally ramping up to do it. It’s both exciting and a little bit scary. But like with anything in life, the more you do it, the easier it gets. I’ve always enjoyed the time I’ve spent with kids and teachers and I learn something new after every presentation.

Here’s a great Facebook community page dedicated to school visits that I recommend:

If you’re a teacher, librarian and would like to have me present at your school, please reach out and we can chat about it 

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