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Vancouver, Canada – Crowdfundr is excited to announce the launch of a new crowdfunding spotlight featuring projects from various creators. Kids and young adult content creators of all kinds are currently raising funds for their projects on the creator-centric crowdfunding platform, Crowdfundr. For the entire month of July, creators from all over the world get their work featured on the Crowdfundr’s website and advertising–an important opportunity provided them with additional exposure.

These creators’ imaginations know no limits and the list of projects encompasses original graphic novels, board games, comics, art anthologies, colouring books, and more, all intended to be enjoyed by kids and young adults. The majority of these independent creators are self-publishing their works and they need support from new audiences.

What’s in it for supporters? Books, comics, and games for children are being offered as rewards for those who make a contribution. This is a great opportunity for kids and parents to team up, explore creator projects in the spotlight, and teach the next generation all about the benefits of supporting creatives, all while receiving fun product perks.

We have compiled a sample of the many exciting, entertaining, and educational projects for children audiences. There is a wide variety of projects that have already launched, including:

TTRPG Kids by Steph Campbell – An accessible resource for parents, teachers, caregivers, creators, and everyone in between who are looking for tabletop Role Playing Games (RPGs) meant for kids. For the past two years, TTRPGkids has provided tips and tricks, articles, and advice for teachers using TTRPGs in the classroom. Notably, they also publish game reviews so parents and caregivers can vet content before trying them with their kids. The resource is free for everyone, but they need funds to keep it running.

Petro by Ken Lamug – This Asian/Filipino-themed fantasy adventure is a graphic novel for kids. Petro (a variation of Pedro) is based on a popular lazy character (Juan Tamad) depicted in many Filipino folktales. The endearing, fun, and adventurous main character combined with fun illustrations take readers on an adventure exploring a wondrous world and meeting unique creatures and characters.

Nudi Gill by Bonnie Kelso – This fun and easy card game was created for the whole family. Nudi Gill is a colourful and funny game that is easy to play. It’s also a great way to learn more about a not-so-well-known subject—nudibranchs—soft bodied mollusks that live in the sea.

Nexalis by Cezar Capacle – This bright fantasy tabletop game offers players an experience of exploration, growth and camaraderie. Nexalis calls users on an awe-inspiring journey across a universe filled with countless uncharted islands, each teeming with unique cultures, mysteries, and magical phenomena.

Kid Beowulf by Alexis Fajardo – This graphic novel series follows the legendary adventures of twin brothers Beowulf and Grendel as they travel the world and meet fellow epic heroes therein. The series is full of history, mythology, and adventure.

The full list of projects can be explored here. Anyone can support these amazing creators by ordering books, comics, and games or contributing funds directly through their campaigns.

The spotlight is organized by Crowdfundr in partnership with:

● Kids Comics Unite!
● KidLitGn
● GlobalComix
● Big Bad Con
● Storytelling Collective
● TTRPGkids
● Comix Well Spring

Crowdfundr has been on the forefront of supporting indie creators through different ways, notably through Creator Hub, a free resource with webinars, toolkits, and forums as well as Crowdfundr Professional, which provides extra tools for indie companies and nonprofits.

We invite audiences and media to check out these amazing projects for kids and young adults:


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